About me

Armean Alexnadru
Armean Alexandru

My professional background started as a Linux Network administrator. I've worked with linux since 2000 and it's my favourite operating system. I prefer Linux because it gives me the freedom to change anything i want, and i like freedom. Windows is ok, but i feel like it is artificially limiting my posibilities. I think the only limitation in using a computer should be mainly based on hardware, the software should give you the freedom to do what you like and how you like it (as long as the hardware can take it).

Besides Computers , I enjoy working with people. I like talking to them , finding out what they want, and bringing together projects to life. I feel good when i see that i have helped someone. I like to belive that each one of us has the ability to become whatever he or she desires. I like to think that with the right team , nothing is impossible. From my experiences with all kinds of people i have developed a the ability to "read" them. That is why i like meeting new people. Its like discovering a new book each time. And some books are just splendid.

Another interest of mine is philosophy, in the sense that i love knowledge. I usually tend to think to much about most things i meet in my daily life. Philosophy for me is more like playing with information. I do not like philosophy the way that it is thaught in school. I don't like learning what some people said about different ideas and what their name were ... i like to practice it myself , and i like talking to people that think for themselfes. I enjoy talking to literates as long as they have ideas of their own as well.